Taylor-made websites ROCK!

Come May 2014, by Leigh will be 1 year old. It seems I am looking after 3 toddlers, not just 2! In honour of such a big moment in time, I’ve finally got myself a purpose-built website for my art. Can the church say Amen!

Out of every dodgy situation comes some good (I’ve gotta believe that or I’ll go mad!) and so when my Wix site screwed up my Google Image search results with escpaed fragments, and there was only a month left on my contract with them I knew it was time.

I called up Robin Taylor, a former colleague and web-wizard who started up his own business and asked him what he could create for me, and how fast could he make it? We hashed out a brief, price, deadline, file transfer system and I paid a deposit all within 24 hrs. A week later, I had a site to look at and populate. Now came the hard part. Re-editing all my images to a resolution higher than I was able to use on the Wix site.

With the Wix site expiring in a week, I experienced the longest most sleepless week of my life (and that’s including the babies!) Have I mentioned how much I detest photo editing? Urrgh. But it had to be done, so I found a new best friend in Brittney Spears “Work B*tch” and slapped myself like a race horse in order to get it all done in time. I finished all the photos at 2am this morning (01 May 2014). By the time I got my little people sorted for the morning and checked email, Robin had uploaded all the images, text and articles already! Flash Gordon lives!

Today I walked through the site, played with my images and fell in love with my site ever so deeply. Thank you Robin! You’ve definitely been by Leigh’s hero. This website totally ROCKS! (Have I given away my age by saying that?)