Best Gift Ever!

LIFE STORY ART for the person who has everything.

Put your loved one’s life on canvas, clothing, shoes, lampshades, phone cases, anything!

Commission a unique piece of art by contemporary mixed media artist Stacey Leigh Ross. The result is an original one-of-a-kind piece that hides your loved one’s story within layers of stunning art. Only they know what everything means!

When friends see their Life Story Art and say “Wow! That’s so you!” Your loved one can share as much, or as little of all the hidden stories as they like. It’s like hiding their diary in plain sight.

Choose the style.
Choose the size.
Tell their story.

Each Life Story Art piece is designed to be a mirror that reflects the recipient’s best self back at them. The artwork reminds them of all the reasons that they’re great, loved, and capable of doing amazing things! Plus, your loved one will know how much you love them because it’s your view of them that informs the loving content and imagery in their artwork.

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