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Sketchbook art showing masquerader in mutlicoloured striped cape dancing away from us. He headpiece blends in with the rays of the sun

The New Exhibition!

The half-arsed meditations I did while in self-loathing free fall must have been doing something because I remember coming out of one with the phrase…

Royston Crow: Life Story Art and the Royston Arts Festival 2017

The Creative Royston Schools Art Competition has become an annual event in Royston’s art calendar. Hundreds of children aged 5-15 enter their artwork in the hopes that they will be one of 20 winners whose artworks appear on the programme cover of the Royston Arts Festival.

Headline for Royston Crow article about Royston Arts Festival Carnival-like parade showing image of by Leigh artist, Stacey Leigh Ross who held carnival craft workshops for the Royston Museum

Royston Arts Festival 2016 Museum Carnival Craft

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