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In a Nutshell

A quick update for anyone new to this project, or anyone checking back in to see how things have changed.

turquoise, green and pale blue wiggly lines stretch upwards against a dark blue background

So You’s a Compassion Expert?

It’s been one opportunity after another to be compassionate to others and myself, and I don’t mind admitting that I did not pass them all. Some I aced with flying colours but of course, it’s the ones that I stumbled and fell over that stick in my mind…

abstract fuscia pink and mango yellow piece that graduates in stages on one side and runs perpendicular on the other.

Protected: Ideas from Exhibition Reconnaissance

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Cropped intricate circular pattern almost like a henna tattoo or mandala but of African design influence.

The Post-Racist Planet

As I’m designing an exhibition that is trying to achieve something similar to this documentary maybe I should see how they achieved their goal and how people have received it?

Photo of the video conference showing all 3 panellists and the host in 4 frames

Watch the Cre8 48 “Arts for Social Change” Panel

See the panel discussion here! I’m speaking alongside some pretty heavy-weight social change creatives from across the globe.

Photo of host and 3 panellists

Talking Arts for Social Change

I’m joining a panel of amazing creatives to talk Arts for Social Change LIVE on “For Common Good, The Podcast”

Bright yellow image of a quote from American painter and graphic artist, Robert Rauschenberg that says "Art can change the world"

Why am I writing a paper on Social Change Curation?

As I changed direction since I started this “Let’s write a paper” journey, I have to do this ‘Why’ process again. It’s the thing that will keep me on track when my eyes see something interesting and my curiosity sends me careening off course to investigate! So let’s do it.

A philosophy angle?

I’ve sort of signed up to be part of a philosophy discussion group even though I am in no way a philosopher. It started when I attended an interesting presentation and discussion at UCL earlier this year.

Download The Social Change Curators’ Manifesto!

The content was complete in 2019 but this colourful beauty was only finished this month!

swirling blue, green, teal, turquoise and aquamarine colours looking like water churning under the surface

Race Blog 3 – The Room of Silence

Reflections after watching the video The Room of Silence.