Sept 2014. No Place Like Home

A date for your diary!

Yes folks, the poster with all the info you need to see all my latest art is finally complete.

This September I’m going home… to Trinidad, London & Royston. I’ll even stop off in Cambridge and Whittlesford for a little bit *grin*

My first solo UK exhibition will celebrate my multi-national status of belonging to more than one home. Starting with my Caribbean roots, moving to the London experience and finally (for now) settling into beautiful Royston where I fall more in love with this little border between Cambridge and Hertfordshire every day.

No Place Like Home will feature framed and unframed paintings, greeting cards and hand-painted lamp shades. There’ll be an astounding range of new work including:

– Matisse inspired cut-outs,
– Royston Cave Carvings on canvas,
– My signature Life Story Art mixed media pieces,
– Semi-abstract landscapes,
– Pen & ink sketches
– Historical art, and
– Abstract mood pieces

The above links show older pieces to give you an idea of my style, but come September there will be a tonne of totally new work on show!  So are you ready to experience Trinidad & Tobago Carnival,  The City of London, and sunset over the A505 all in one place?

Expect something different!

September 7th to 21st, 2014
10:00am to 5:00pm everyday at

Old School Lane, High Street
Whittlesford, Cambridge CB22 4YS

I’d love to share my homes with you!