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voluptuous dark skinned woman in a beaded bikini in vibrant colours waving a red banner that reads " we jammin still". She appears over a ghostlike woman in blue colonial Caribbean full skirts and blousy top with a headtie.

Conference – Women in Carnival

Emily Zobel Marshall is one of my Dream Team of PhD supervisors, I was determined to attend and support… then I met the Whip Princess, The Camboulay Queen and so many more amazing women in Carnival! Plenty to learn from them.

a sepia-toned image of a Caribbean colonial front room with the double doors open. Through the doors is view of highly polished wooden veranda with a view of a lush rainforest

Exhibition Review – Life Between Islands

This was a hard exhibition to write about. I suppose you can tell. It took me months to come back to this. I felt so triggered for most of it. Still, I knew these stories had to be told. Equally, I felt so happy to see our Caribbean resilience and joy so bold and bright!

turquoise, green and pale blue wiggly lines stretch upwards against a dark blue background

So You’s a Compassion Expert?

It’s been one opportunity after another to be compassionate to others and myself, and I don’t mind admitting that I did not pass them all. Some I aced with flying colours but of course, it’s the ones that I stumbled and fell over that stick in my mind…

Black in Academia. Whoa!

Ok, so firstly. Let me just say how absolutely bodacious it was to be in a room full of highly educated ambitious creative people who all look like me!

Rationale, v1

I think of my life in 2 parts – B.K and A.K – Before Kids and After Kids. Nothing has ever focused me as firmly as raising little people to go out in the world and thrive without me.

swirling blue, green, teal, turquoise and aquamarine colours looking like water churning under the surface

Race Blog 3 – The Room of Silence

Reflections after watching the video The Room of Silence.

textured reds, oranges, yellows showing raging flames

The Struggle is Real

The third and final Inclusive Teaching & Learning Practice lecture and they didn’t pull any punches.

Pink, green, turquoise and royal blue abstract with mixed meid elements like randomly cut iridescent and metallic shapes giving the overall feel of tropical lush vegetation

Inclusivity Intervention – The Presentation

It’s official. I am no longer on top of this blogging thing with regard to my PgCert. Today we were doing 3 minute presentations that were basically an update/pitch to tell the teaching team about our artefact and the inclusivity intervention we planned…

Cropped photo of a billboard at St Pancras in 2019 showing a black boy gazing longingly at the crown jewels

Am I paranoid or are you racist?

My head wasn’t right today. Still isn’t as I write this. Maybe they didn’t realise how this could be perceived…

black and white line drawing of an indian bride in full jewellery with sari slung over her head while the sun shines in stylized lines behind her

A Compilation of Teaching Techniques

Please note that this is an ongoing compilation of teaching techniques I have observed my teachers using on us during the Teaching & Learning and Inclusive Teaching & Learning Practices Units.