*FREEBIE ALERT* Free Colouring Pages

Featured Image: Side by Stand We Stand by Leigh

26 Aug 2020

It’s not the same as jamming in the road with your friends, but while you listen to the sweet strains of soca music this weekend, spend a moment smiling and laughing as you think about all your past Carnival shenanigans while colouring in one or all of these Carnival images. It’s a great way to let your mind drift off into happy places, or get creative with your kids and still bring Carnival to you.

Click the button below each image to download it.

black and white colouring in image of a girl in a hummingbird costume
black and white line drawing of a curvy voluptuous woman with curly hair in gladiator sandals and a skimpy carnival costume with lots of frills
black and white line drawing of a child in a sailor mas costume with giant bell bottom trousers and a decorated captains hat
black and white line drawing of the Midnight Robber traditional Carnival Costume. He wears a giant skull top hat with a fringe and cape with moons and stars all over it.