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turquoise, green and pale blue wiggly lines stretch upwards against a dark blue background

So You’s a Compassion Expert?

It’s been one opportunity after another to be compassionate to others and myself, and I don’t mind admitting that I did not pass them all. Some I aced with flying colours but of course, it’s the ones that I stumbled and fell over that stick in my mind…

9 red dots with little squiggles scratched into them revealing the yellow textured background behind them

My First HE Workshop – Planning & Design

Ain’t nothing can focus me like a deadline!

shades of Red like a gradient sinking into almost brown on a heavily textured canvas with light splatters o yellow, orange and white over an abstract background

Considering Disability… the Actual Assignment

several ideas popped into my head to try with a class or in my artwork that would create more inclusivity, particularly for disabled persons.

partial of a Blue and red painting with a purple midnight robber in silhouette along the right side shouting his empty threats at a fancy sailor doing his sailor dance in front of the laventille hills in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Both are traditional Carnival characters from Trinidad & Tobago mas..

What is the justification for some people earning less than others?

Depends on your objective and how you operate. Are you coming from a position of love and fairness or fear and scarcity?