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Development of this compassion-focussed, Carnival-inspired art invention from private practice to PhD and beyond

In a Nutshell

A quick update for anyone new to this project, or anyone checking back in to see how things have changed.

voluptuous dark skinned woman in a beaded bikini in vibrant colours waving a red banner that reads " we jammin still". She appears over a ghostlike woman in blue colonial Caribbean full skirts and blousy top with a headtie.

Conference – Women in Carnival

Emily Zobel Marshall is one of my Dream Team of PhD supervisors, I was determined to attend and support… then I met the Whip Princess, The Camboulay Queen and so many more amazing women in Carnival! Plenty to learn from them.

a sepia-toned image of a Caribbean colonial front room with the double doors open. Through the doors is view of highly polished wooden veranda with a view of a lush rainforest

Exhibition Review – Life Between Islands

This was a hard exhibition to write about. I suppose you can tell. It took me months to come back to this. I felt so triggered for most of it. Still, I knew these stories had to be told. Equally, I felt so happy to see our Caribbean resilience and joy so bold and bright!

turquoise, green and pale blue wiggly lines stretch upwards against a dark blue background

So You’s a Compassion Expert?

It’s been one opportunity after another to be compassionate to others and myself, and I don’t mind admitting that I did not pass them all. Some I aced with flying colours but of course, it’s the ones that I stumbled and fell over that stick in my mind…

abstract fuscia pink and mango yellow piece that graduates in stages on one side and runs perpendicular on the other.

Protected: Ideas from Exhibition Reconnaissance

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Stacey in side profile looking up, mirroring a woman on the other side of the projection in a similar position

Exhibition Review – Blowtorching the Bitten Peach

The most emotive exhibition he’d ever been to and still had no clue what it was about. So yuh know who had to check it out, right?

Exhibition Review – Joy & Tranquillity

I went to see Joy & Tranquillity at the Wellcome Galleries, not just because I’m obsessed with joy bringing, but because both exhibitions got such lack lustre reviews. How do you do an exhibition about joy and leave so many feeling so unmoved? I simply had to know, if for no other reason than to ensure I did not commit the same mistakes.

colourful patchwork quilt banner with geometric shapes and lines showing 2 Black hands reaching for each other with the words Nothing Can Separate Us boldly in the middle

Exhibition Review – Frieze v. African Art Fair

I had never been to either of these before and although the names sounded like I’d heard them somewhere, I knew next to nothing about either fair until I got there. For all intents and purposes, I went into both completely blind. Talk about chalk and cheese!

Visual References 1

I remembered all the images I’d collected on Pinterest and Google Collections to guide my vision. This post brings them together in one place with detailed captions about the reference and annotations of how each reference has influenced or inspired me.

silhouette of tall grass stalks with brown accents against a bright blue background

Protected: The Proposal

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.