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Considering Disability… interrupted by FOFU

“I’ve never met anyone who lived outside of London? That concept is just crazy to me. Do you drive cars? Eat rice..? What’s it like?”

voluptuous dark skinned woman in a beaded bikini top in vibrant colour over a ghostlike woman in blue colonial Caribbean full skirts and blousy top with a headtie

Critical Pedagogy – Our first formal date

I’m pretty sure I have encountered this concept before. The Mighty Sparrow’s “Dan is The Man” comes immediately to mind.

Market scene with Jamaican blue hills in the distance merging into a London street and NHS nurses. All to reflect the journey of the subject of this life story art piece

My Teaching Context & Practice

The task? Your teaching practice in 5 pictures. The outcome? I realised that I teach through my art. Here’s the story…

cropped image of the top of wrought iron fret work of an old 19th century gate that once stood outside the Royston Manor House on a gentle green background

Thoughts on Aldridge's "Reading, Engagement & Higher Learning"

Disgruntlement begins. I’ve already read the abstract 3 times and looked up 3 words. I am unimpressed. In every instance there was a simpler, more accessible way to say what’s being said.

partial of a Blue and red painting with a purple midnight robber in silhouette along the right side shouting his empty threats at a fancy sailor doing his sailor dance in front of the laventille hills in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Both are traditional Carnival characters from Trinidad & Tobago mas..

What is the justification for some people earning less than others?

Depends on your objective and how you operate. Are you coming from a position of love and fairness or fear and scarcity?


A roaming exhibition that will address mass injustice and cultivate active compassion