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My YouTube Eureka!

Thank goodness for mind numbing tasks and YouTube.

Rationale, v1

I think of my life in 2 parts – B.K and A.K – Before Kids and After Kids. Nothing has ever focused me as firmly as raising little people to go out in the world and thrive without me.

a drawing of Royston Museum as if siced open and rolled out to show all the collections and their location in the museum. The artwork is a mix of line drawing and collage.

User Journey Mapping is Out

When we talked about it in class, I don’t think I was paying as close attention as I should because I thought it sounded like a great idea for what I wanted to do – map the journey curators take to create a exhibition that gets their audience to commit an action.

Still vague. Getting clearer?

Apparently, workflow is a great way to ‘secure’ or ‘enhance’ your grade so Lecturer C showed us some past examples.

SIP – The First Encounter!

So the show stopper today was that your project doesn’t have to be about teaching. It can be about your practice.

Inclusivity & Compassion in Communication Design

I have been planning this workshop for months. First as my Inclusive Teaching Unit intervention and then as the first event in my SIP.

Horse before the cart

When you find yourself launching your research before the class even starts and you have a wee little freak-out!

Talk About Missing the Point!

My 10-minute Self-Initiated Project (SIP) Presentation

swirling blue, green, teal, turquoise and aquamarine colours looking like water churning under the surface

Race Blog 3 – The Room of Silence

Reflections after watching the video The Room of Silence.

textured reds, oranges, yellows showing raging flames

The Struggle is Real

The third and final Inclusive Teaching & Learning Practice lecture and they didn’t pull any punches.