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Clusters, filters, themes, maps & patterns

I have a funny feeling my data analysis isn’t as fully developed as it could be. The main reason for this feeling is how close my initial thoughts on analysis were to the information I read about data analysis.

Transcription – How hard can it be? *snort*

Let me begin with – Oh My Sweet baby Jesus! Why does no one warn you about doing transcriptions for yourself.

About 'Reflective Journaling'

A bit late in the day but here we are. Almost 10 blog posts in, it finally occurs to me that hey, maybe I should see if there is anything different about a reflective journal that I should be doing on this blog platform. Yes, I too am noticing a trend. Presume first, research later.

There will be NO PhD.

Sounds pretty final right? Well, it is.
I will admit freely that I have been hesitant all along about doing a PhD. It was an idea that would seem exciting and terrifying depending on when I pondered it.

Defining 'social change'

One of the bits of feedback my lecturer gave me after my formative 10-min presentation was “I want to see a definition of social change and I want it from someone other than you.” Fair enough.

The After Interview High… again!

So I’ve just finished my 3rd curatorial interview and once again, I’m buzzing. Janine Francois was just as amazing as C1 and Shasti Lowton.

About Research Interviews…

My journey with interview started with an “of course I know how to do an interview!” approach but I’m glad I slapped myself up the side of the head and dug deeper.

Interview with Shasti Lowton

Today I did a major interview with Shasti Lowton, Curator at the Design Museum. What an inspiration!

Everything is online!

So formative Presentation is on Wednesday and I am not ready at all. I am not even exaggerating.

Defining my Research Question

My question was born out of me wanting to use my skills as a mixed media artist to inspire people to take action to make our world more just.