Using Creativity to Empower Caribbean Children

24 Jun 2018

So apparently there is a serious lack of aspirations and desire to succeed among black children and young people in the UK who are from the Caribbean or have Caribbean heritage. I didn’t know this until I was contacted by Essex Primary School to run a 10-week creative workshop to help their Afro-Caribbean students to connect with their identity and take pride in their heritage.

That workshop is ongoing and I’ll do a separate news article for it when it’s all done but for now, let’s talk about the teachers’ conference designed to help teachers learn the best way to encourage their young Black Caribbean students onwards and upwards… the teachers’ conference where I was asked to do a workshop… the same teachers’ conference where Akala is the keynote speaker!

*excuse me while I step away to squeal!*

Ok, I’m back…

When I was first asked to do this workshop, I spent a week freaking out about being on the same platform with Akala. I mean… AKALA!!! That dude is AMAZING! If I read without stopping until I’m 80, I still wouldn’t be as well read and articulate as he is!

*Ok, so I’m squealing again… clears throat… squelches squeal*

So I throttled back on my fan-girl moment and engaged my trusty brain. Of course, the ideas started flowing and I realised that while Akala and I might have similar objectives, we have different talents and different styles.

could never do what Akala does as brilliantly as he does it, and he can never do what I do as brilliantly as I do it. So ladies and gentlemen, here’s an opportunity to catch both Akala and Stacey Leigh Ross at the same event! *big grin*

Click the link to Book your tickets today 
email – [email protected] for bookings.

In the words of Bunji Garlin:
“Cause when I’m coming,
I’m coming with something
That’s coming
And it’s coming in whistling and humming
With a whole lot of African drumming
Blow up de whole damn place like a Soviet bombing… boom!
There shall not be another one like this!”

*Runs quickly back to desk to finish planning a workshop that will really blow some minds!*