Meridian’s Young Artists on Show!

An email popped up in my inbox recently asking if I’d be willing to attend an art exhibition showcasing the work of art students at Meridian School in Royston. The email also asked whether any local arists would be interested in hanging one of their pieces with the students’ work to help raise the profile of the exhibition and get the kids’ work seen a bit further afield.

Instantly, I remembered my years volunteering and working with a now-defunct London youth charity called Kikass. It was one of the best jobs I ever had. Young people are crazy brilliant, wildly irreverent, and more sensible than most people seem to think. They think with their hearts and see life through such different lenses that sometimes it’s startling to realise “I used to think like that!” There’s an honestly about young people that I love working with. You can literally hang with a young person and see our world’s future in their eyes. It’s brilliant!

So getting a chance to see that kind of relentless honesty, curiosity and youthful perception on canvas? Count me in please!

If you’ve got the time, please come down to Meridian School on Tuesday 16th June, 6-8pm and see their art. I’m pretty sure it’ll give you a whole new perspective of our young people.