Featured Image: close up of Colour Explosion by Leigh

I don’t think I’d really considered visual references for this exhibition until I did that Brand Visioning class with Caribbean Fashion & Arts Feature Festival’s Kevon Foderingham last year. Then the topic came up again while developing my PhD application. At first I came to sudden halt with alarm. Visual references?! But then instantly, I remembered all the images I’d collected on Pinterest and Google Collections to guide my vision and I knew… Stacey, you got this! This post brings those collections together in one place with detailed captions about the reference and annotations of how each reference has influenced or inspired me.

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People dressed in white splashed with bright coloured powders and paints for the Hindu festival, Holi or Phagwah

Holi in Trinidad & Tobago
Hindu Festival, 2019

Medium – Powder, people, music and celebration
Size – Thousands of people in various communities
Photo – Phagwa Festival Facebook Group
Blog Post – Holi – a Springtime festival of Colour

Audience takes part in a ritualistic making of art, starting in all white clothes as a blank canvas and, as a community, creating a living abstract. Ritual based in an age old cultural tradition.

Masqueraders play mas under a rainbow banner spanning the entire band, wearing white splattered with messy muddy colours

by Peter Minshall, 1983

Medium – Mas
Place – Trinidad Carnival
Size – Thousands of masqueraders
Photo – Noel Norton
Text – @masmanminshall

Audience takes part in a ritualistic making of art, starting in all white as a blank canvas and, as a community, creating a living abstract. Learn more here too!

People interact with light projections at Takahiro Matsuo's "Into the Light Sea"

“Aquatic Colours”
by Takahiro Matsuo, 2009

Place – La Triennale di Milano
Exhibition – Milano Salone 2009
Client – CANON INC.

Audience responsive light and projection art installation.

Multicoloured video booth labelled "Share Your Story" by Green Screen UK

Branded Enclosed Video Booth
by Green Screen UK, 2019

Service & Equipment for Hire
Tailored to Client requirements

Potential feedback, data collection, continuing the compassion narrative, audience engagement and interaction opportunity.

Angled set design showing a sloping ceiling in a room with 2 people

“The Niceties”
Scenic Design by Cameron Anderson, 2018

Place – The Huntington Theater Company
Show – The Niceties

Shaping the space to fit each compassion narrative so the story is told and experienced in multiple ways.

people walk through a pastel coloured space where the walls are thick with plastic bags that pick up the colours in the sapce and create an almost cloud-like softness to the space

“Rainbow Cave”
by Basia Goszczynska, 2019

presented at Arcadia Earth
an Augmented reality exhibition
Medium – Installation
Dimensions – Variable
Place – Roving but currently showing at 718 Broadway, NY, NY 10003, USA

Sensory soft appeal feels like a visualisation of emotion that can motivate action. Also Arcadia Earth inspires its audience to climate compassion and action, so parallel to my vision of inspiring compassionate action towards each other. Lots to learn from their successes and mistakes.

gallery of fine classical art interrupted by a woman's head that takes up almost an entire wall. She is on the wall like the art, larger than life in this miniature gallery

“Put Your Head Into Gallery”
by Tezi Gabunia, 2016

Medium – Falsification
Dimensions – Variable
Place – MUA – Multiverse Architecture, Georgia

The audience members help to make the art and in doing so, become part of the art.

Gloomy water streaked apartment is home to a single woman in the film "The Shape of Water"

Elisa’s Apartment in “The Shape of Water”, 2017
Medium – Scenic Design for Film
Production Designer – Paul D. Austerberry
Director – Guillermo del Toro

The audience takes a trip into someone else’s experience physically. Walking through someone’s space without them adds a naughty freedom to explore and ‘learn’ a person as they wouldn’t otherwise. This image comes from an article that explains how specific themes were deliberately infused into every aspect of this set.

Market scene with Jamaican blue hills in the distance merging into a London street and NHS nurses. All to reflect the journey of the subject of this life story art piece

“Daphne’s 80th”
by Stacey Leigh Ross, 2017
Medium – Mixed Media
Dimensions – 297mm x 420mm (11.7″ x 16.5″)
Place – Commissioned. Private Collection, London, UK

Life Story Art cultivates confidence and joy, one person at a time. Each artwork acts as a reflective journal/mirror, giving the subject a daily shot of confidence and self-love whenever they see this representation of their best self on the wall. The work itself is my act/art of compassion but also a way to remind the subject who they really are. Daphne’s 80th was commissioned by her grandchildren to celebrate Daphne’s rise from poverty in Jamaica to retired professional nurse and home owner in the UK.

floorplan of exhibit showing cool and warm colours in hallways to show congestion

Identifying Flow & Dwell Areas
by Nick Cristea, AllofUs, 2016
Featured in Medium article
“Designing Visitor Experiences”
Medium – User Experience Design

What if we used this technique to map both movement through the space, as well as the intended mood in each room as visitors participate in the experience?

drawing of exhibit design showing layout and visitor flow to various stations

Exhibition Floorplans
by Bill Keays, 1999
for MIT Media Laboratory’s
Aesthetics and Computation Group
Medium – Exhibit Design
Place – Boston, Massachusetts

Thinking about how to plan and map the flow of the intervention

hand drawn exhibition plan with modd board style colour and texture planning panels below

Exhibition Layout Ideas
by Marie-Sophie Schramm, 2017
Medium – Drawing
for IB Visual Art

Interested in the mood board style supplement to this exhibition plan showing colour and texture plans. Potential use for planning location of music, installations, ritual-making stations, and more.

Cardboard Sculpting at Jouvay Ayiti, 2017
by Participants of Ayiti’s Mas-making workshop
for J’ouvert morning, Trinidad Carnival
Medium – Mas Making
Place – Barataria, Trinidad

To play J’ouvert with Jouvay Ayiti, participants have to attend the mas camp and make their own costumes. This is in line with early Carnival – people made their own costumes to participate. This ritualistic making of ones own Carnival costume adds to the experience of the participant. It prompts the question: which rituals will this exhibition/intervention create or tap into.

painting of roger britten staring at his life laid out like a map

“The Life of Roger Britten”
by Stacey Leigh Ross, 2019
Medium – Mixed Media
Dimensions – 300mm x 610mm (12” x 24”)
Place – Royston Museum, Royston, Hertfordshire, UK

Potential to map a compassion story the same way I map a life story like this one – the story of Royston’s first Black man, Roger Britten, who was taken from Demerara (now Guyana) in the Caribbean at the age of 8 and brought to live in Royston, England.

showing projections on broad strips of fabric hanging from the ceiling at intervals

“Fabric Projections”
by Natalie Garcia, 2012
Medium – Projection Installation

Inspires the possibility of having visitors move through virtual masqueraders as if they are on the streets of Trinidad during Carnival!

digital art merging and people from the past with people from the present into one scene

“Market Day and The Stable Boy”
by Christine Norton and Jonathan Creese, 2020
Medium – Photography & Digital Art
Exhibition – False Narratives
Place – Art Society, Trinidad

Use of photography and digital art to mix the present with the past, to build on history and tradition but make it come alive to those living now

art installation showing a large mound of sand with tall potted plants scattered about, and gravel pathways leading to little shacks made of plywood and fabric.

by Hélio Oiticica, 1967
Medium – Art Installation
Exhibition – Tropicália
Place – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Creating organic, rhizomatic spaces for visitors to explore at will. Placing bodies into a variety of spaces, moods and experiences. I first saw this work at The Barbican’s Tropicália exhibition in 2006.
(image: Tropicália at the Whitney Museum, USA. 2017)

stilt walker costume with giant red wings and a skull for head

Mas Pieta
by Peter Minshall, 2020
Medium – Mas
Place – Trinidad Carnival
Size – Thousands of masqueraders

Mas about Love – Love of Power and the Power of Love – featuring winged costumes exploring the theme of oneness. Click to see Coronation – a video compilation of Mas Pieta as a commentary on the 2020 US Presidential inauguration. Click to see masqueraders play Mas Pieta on Carnival Tuesday.
(image: Love of Power played by Earl Thompson. Photo by Maria Nunes)

3 masqueraders in similar colours and fabrics but all in different fashions and styles.

Africa – Her people, Her Glory, Her Tears
by Brian MacFarlane, 2009
Medium – Mas
Place – Trinidad Carnival
Size – Thousands of masqueraders

Mas where masqueraders are given various fabrics, brown vest and shorts, and each masquerader designs their own costume with the materials. Very participatory!
(image: 3 Africa masqueraders in their own designs. Photo by Cheryl Hernandez)

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