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The Life of Roger Britten

The story of Royston’s first Black man, Roger Britten, who was taken from the Caribbean at the age of 8 and brought to live in Royston, England. (Scroll down for links to press and radio coverage.)


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When Graham Palmer approached me to paint the life story of Roger Britten, Royston 1st recorded Black man, I was fascinated. The more information Graham found about Roger, the more honoured I was to be able to tell his story on canvas. Click here for Roger’s full history (as much as Graham could find!) and to hear the song about Roger composed by a local Royston boys’ choir’s with composer Jenni Pinnock. The boys who composed and sang are all roughly the same age that Roger was when he arrived in England. Click the following links to see how this project was covered in the press and on the radio.

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