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Las Cuevas at Sunset

Las Cuevas is a sandy bay on the north coast of Trinidad. The sunsets there are phenomenal so of course, I had to try my hand at it!

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So you’d like a large scale landscape with a hint of Life Story Art and you want it to arrive in the US in 5 days?
No you don’t have pics to send?
Just pluck some stuff off of Facebook?

I might need to be a bit more careful about the stuff I agree to but sometimes a challenge is just the ticket and this one certainly pushed the boundaries but I was game and luckily had a gap in my schedule. I solidified the job brief and then we were off! The sky actually took the longest with this piece.

I was told that the birthday boy and his brothers pored over the painting discussing it in detail for quite some time after the party (and that wasn’t even a full-fledged Life Story Art piece!

Happy Client. Happy Gift recipient.


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