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40 Years, 9 Locations

40 Years, 9 Locations – a 40th birthday gift from one friend to another.


* Please note that faces and names are blurred to protect the privacy of the recipient and his family *

This piece maps 9 locations that are meaningful to the recipient. When tasked with creating this 40th birthday gift, my client wanted to show his friend how much he had accomplished and how much he’d been blessed in his 40 years on this planet. But my client had no clue how he wanted to do it. He had a few pics, offered to stalk Facebook to get a few more so he wouldn’t tip off his friend and basically left me to it. I decided to map the recipient’s 40 year journey and include the significant events or people he encountered at each of these locations. Once this was agreed, my client added the necessary info about his friend and I got to painting!

On receiving it, the recipient took a long stroll down memory lane, bemoaning some locations, laughing endlessly at the memories from others, and grinning broadly at the last piece which featured his new marital home with his brand new wife.

What would your story look like?

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Mixed Media


300 x 300 mm (11.8" x 11.8")


Copyright 2016 Stacey Leigh Ross


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