The Social Change Curators’ Workshop

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Collage explaining who Stacey Leigh Ross is, why she researched this topic and introducing her research question
Slide 1 of my PgCert Research Presentation explaining who I am, why I’ve chosen this research, my preferred definition of social change, my research question and action plan


How to curate an exhibition specifically to effect social change.

Based on ongoing research, this workshop is about getting ready to curate an exhibition that will inspire visitors to social change thinking and possibly action. Learn how to start the curation process, discuss the Social Change Curators’ Manifesto and the key exhibition planning areas that it identifies. This workshop is for those who have big ideas but no clue where to start.

After attending this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn how define their curatorial purpose
  • Be able to develop a clear exhibition vision
  • Understand the importance of being the change they wish to create
  • Learn the value of research in successful curation
  • Learn at least 6 ways to begin the curation process
  • Receive constructive feedback on proposed curation plans
  • Take action towards creating their exhibition
  • Network with other change makers
  • Leave feeling ready to change the world!


Anyone who wants to use art & design exhibitions as a vehicle for social change.
Maximum 20 participants, more with additional support staff.


2-4 hrs, as defined by client

a little extra

This workshop and its research was well received by fellow academics at UAL’s Education Conference 2021 on 6 July 2021.

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