The Practice Development Workshop

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Defining your practice and your artistic purpose is hard work for most creatives. Using music, sketches, group work and more, this workshop gives participants the tools to begin unearthing what makes them tick and gives them the confidence to explore that purpose in their practice. 
It helps them to define their own markers for success as artists. 

After attending this workshop, participants will:

  • Recognise and appreciate their own ongoing experiential learning and development journey
  • Define success and gain confidence in their ability to achieve it
  • Gain clarity on self-directed project ideas
  • Reduce anxieties about their creative abilities
  • Identify new areas of creative interest
  • Get new invigorating perspectives on old frustrating situations
  • Set professional goals and be excited about achieving them
  • Consider context, not just aesthetics when making creative decisions
  • See themselves and their work in a positive light
  • Make their artwork and designs more personal
  • Leave feeling energised!


Art, design and communication students embarking on self-directed projects for the first time, or in the final year of their FE or HE course.
Amateur artists and designers looking to define their practice and take the professional leap.
Professional artists and designers looking for a new direction or to refresh their practice.

Maximum 30 participants, more with additional support staff.
Also available as a one-to-one session.


2 – 3 hours

a little extra

This workshop was originally developed to help Foundation Design students use their Final Major Project as a jumping off point to begin their art practice. It has since evolved to include content for artists and designers already in practice who are ready for a change in direction. Sometimes it’s just nigh on impossible to see ourselves with the objectivity necessary to make good decisions without a little help.

feedback from participants

Quote praising workshop rom previous participant.
Quote praising workshop rom previous participant.
Quote praising workshop rom previous participant.
Feedback from participant

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