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Royston High Street, East

On a high street that is centuries old and rife with history, there is so much to record.

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It occurred to me one day that I love those old buildings on Royston High Street.
It occurred to me on another day that the High Street must have looked so different centuries ago. Royston is such an historic town.
Then it occurred to me that I’d never seen any drawings of Royston’s High Street.


So a few weeks later, two toddlers in tow (one strapped in a buggy, the other bribed to stay put with a chocolate muffin), I was doing a sideways crab walk up one side of Royston High Street, pressing my back against the building behind me and holding my phone’s camera high over my head in order to snap pics of the buildings on the High Street for this drawing. Everytime I took more than 3 steps away from them, my youngest shouted from the buggy at the top of her lungs, “Mama! Mama!” To which I was forced to reply in a whisper shout, “Yes baby, I’m right here!” while trying to ignore the strange looks from passersby as I took my shot.

One year later, it was all worth it. It took ages, because I lack the patience to do this much detail without falling asleep. So by the time I got to the Chequers Inn end of the drawing, Lloyds Pharamacy and Clark’s Photography had changed their signage so I had to go back and redo them! A little bit of a palaver but I’m so proud to have a snap shot of Royston High Street, circa Aug 2015.

I entered a print of it into Royston Arts Society’s 2015 Autumn Exhibition at Royston Town Hall and not only did it sell, but it won 2nd place in the People’s Favourite Painting category! 

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This drawing will be offered as an Unframed Limited Edition Print. Only 40 will be printed.
Special thanks to Big Day Graphics for doing a superb job with exceptional service. Really appreciate it!

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