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Roadside Shed

All alone at the side of a country road, miles from anything else…

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The last time we visited Trinidad & Tobago, hubby and I took the opportunity to finally have our honeymoon. My Mum agreed to look after the kids for a weekend and we took off for 2 nights and 2 days to Anise – the most spectacular tiny all inclusive resort I’ve been to for a while.

Before I get back to the shed, let me rave for a moment about the food, the rooms, the service…. sigh! Best 2 days EVER. I must confess, we didn’t go exploring at all. We were simply too excited by the idea of having 2 days where we didn’t have to be parents plus having all our meals served and cleared away. We lay in bed, floated in the pool, drank silly cocktails and ate scrum-dilly-umptious food! It was heaven!

So back to the topic at hand. Where did a shed fit into a romantic get away? Well we saw it on the way there. The drive to Anise from the more populated North West side of Trinidad is through some of the most stunning countryside.The trees are large and old, the country life is a bit slower, the sky seems closer, the sun shines brighter…  It’s a very long drive up to Sans Souci and a lot of beauty to see. So Hubby was driving, I was half hanging out the passenger window snapping photos of lush greenery and brightly coloured homes and businesses of every shape and size, and this shed was one of them. To be honest, it didn’t really register with me at first. It was when I got back to the UK and was looking through my pics that I truly noticed the shed.

One afternoon, I was looking for something Trinidadian to paint and I was in the mood to try something pretty loose. I’d also just bought a tube of Permanent Light Blue from a paint brand I’d never heard of before called Maimeri Brera Artists’ Acrylics at the SAA’s Art Show in Islington. The paint looked buttery and thick and it was burning a hole in my paint box begging me to play! I was dying to get a brush or palette knife in it! Maybe it was the blue, but the shed caught my eye and that was how this painting began…

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