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Our Wish Baby

When you’ve longed for a little one and finally… there she is.


One of my regular clients had just had a baby, a much longed for baby. This precious little bundle is naturally the apple of her parents’ eyes.

This piece was in celebration of the creation of this new family, the love they share, their connection with each other, the melding of two cultures and three languages, the perpetual feeling of love and wonder that is new parenthood (I conveniently overlooked the exhaustion).

See if you can find some of the symbols hidden in the art.

– The Welsh Dragon (partial)
– The French Flag (very tricky doing a flag without colour!!)
– A map of a hometown, complete with rivers
– 3 different languages
– Everyone’s first initial
– A name
– A key date
– A specific time
– Reference to Breastfeeding
– That moment of conception (hint: egg and sperm)
– Their journey to parenthood
– Baby’s first steps

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