Sometimes, the heat and saucy fire is too much to hold in and all that Caribbean tropical lushness falls out on to a canvas to play.


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Heat. Colour. Throbbing.


When you grow up

To the beat of the sun

To the call of the howlers in the hills

The skate of iguanas darting across hot asphalt

The resounding whoop of laughter til you cry

Then more laughter

In scandalous abandon

With mischievous winks.

When the roll of your hips is instinctive, automatic

A result of knowing all of me

Logic, heart, sensuality, ambition, drive, creativity, resilience, protest, complaint, resourceful determination

Because we never never never give up

Even as we laugh and dance and sing.

When bougainvillea dance in your dreams

And the sounds of the rainforest wake you in the morning

Sometimes all of that goodness

That lushness of life

Is just too much to hold inside

And so, excuse me while I let it

Burst on to my canvas.


by Leigh,
01 Jun 2021

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Copyright 2018 Stacey Leigh Ross


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