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It’s all in my Head

A very early experiment with an oil pastel that didn’t go right… at first!

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It may be one of my earliest pieces of art and a truly naive take on things, but this is the stuff I did when I was fearless in my creativity. Thank heavens I’m getting back there now.

I remember I had this idea of a face I wanted to draw so beautifully with oil pastels. Obviously when the idea in my head landed on the paper, it didn’t quite look the same as it did in my mind’s eye. Isn’t that always the way.

So what did I do? Said “ah well” and proceeded to take a scissors to it. I cut the face up into all sorts of pieces and then stuck them back down in a slightly different order to make a new image.

Truly the end result was all in my head. I think my best art just falls out of my head and I follow the mental instructions until I stand back and notice what I’ve created.

Don’t you just love the creative process?

Please note: My very old pieces do not have work-in-progress photos. Sorry!




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