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Hillside in The Bussage

I looked up and saw a collection of buildings almost on the ridge of the hill and I thought, now that would make an interesting painting…hmmm

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On a short walk with friends in Gloucester, I saw some buildings on the ridge of a hill and thought “Oooh, that would make a great painting!” Hearing the click, click of the camera, my friend stopped and asked what I was photographing. Once I explained, he shared with me that one of the dreams he and his wife had was to own a holiday cottage right in that valley. In fact, the view from the cottage he was looking to purchase was precisely the photo I had taken.

Within 10 minutes, my little inspiration photo turned into a Life Story Art commission.

If you look closely at the painting, you’ll see envelopes addressed to the family, pictures of them and their children, flyers for local sites, pubs, and shops they frequent, even pages from their favourite book about this area.

*Please note, if you zoom in to the painting and find areas that are blurred, this is to protect the identity and personal information of my client and his family.

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