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Here Come the Girls

The curve of a woman’s hips and thighs, the dip of her waist…

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that one of the key elements of pretty much every T&T Carnival is the women. Exquisitely costumed to show off their extraordinary curves and sensuous movements to maximum effect, Caribbean women are crucial to Carnival.

In my 20’s, my best friends were boys and I can assure you that every Carnival, whether we were on the road playing mas’ in a band or just in a fête (big party), if a group of girls walked in, the boys’ heads turned. Conversation usually hiccupped for a moment or longer depending on the “hotness” of the women in question. Among my friends, I knew who was an ‘ass’ man, a ‘leg’ man, a ‘breast’ man, etc so I knew the instant I saw some women, that our group might lose a few fellas if they were single. Heck, sometimes, I was the one to interrupt the conversation to say “Boy, check out that bumsee*!”

Now I think about it, perhaps it’s years of hanging out with fellas that might have influenced my appreciation and love for drawing the female form. I mean seriously, there is something powerful about the curve of a woman’s hips and thighs, the dip of her waist, the slight bulge of her stomach, the laughter in her face, the bounce of her breasts (no matter how supportive the bra), the extension of her neck, the slope of her shoulders… really! I don’t have to be a lesbian to see that women are spellbinding!

So here’s to the girls – play yuhself, like yuhself, love yuhself no matter what shape you’ve got. We’re all just a little bit magical!

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