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From Wales to Argentina

An international love story in black and white. What would your story look like?


Full of excitement and joy after getting her own Life Story Art drawing, one of my best clients asked me to do another Life Story Art piece for her friends who were getting married.

The drawing of Life Story Art pieces is still very new for me. Previously I did them all in multi-layered mixed media pieces, but I’d been having more and more fun with my doodles and line drawings lately, which is how I wound up with my first Life Story Art drawing – Our Wish Baby. Oh, I was definitely keen to do another Life Story Art drawing. So I asked what I always do before any Life Story Art piece – tell me the story.

She was from Argentina, he was from Wales, they had an international courtship punctuated with flights, visas, passports, and long distance love. Family is everything to them. They love to rock climb and she used to do trapeze…

It was quite a beautiful story and so I endeavoured to put imagery into that piece that accounted for every aspect of it. But as with all Life Story Art pieces, there are some obvious elements but most of the meaning is hidden within the art and you’ll only know its significance to the couple if the Client or I share the full story with you.

See if you can find all the following things in this Life Story Art Commission.

– 2 geographical places
– A trapeze artist
– A mate cup and ‘spoon’
– Citrus fruit
– Names
– Dates
– 2 favourite sayings
– A rock climber
– A carabiner clip
– 1 Nick name
– A symbol of travel and immigration, and
– Symbols of nationality

Have you got a story for me to put on canvas or paper?

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