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Diane’s 40th

A 40th Birthday present for a very accomplished woman


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* Please note that faces and names are blurred to protect the privacy of the client and her family *

The recipient of this painting loved abstract art, the sea, cooking, food, her twin boys, railways, bridges, travel and engineering. So when her wife called to commission this piece as a 40th birthday gift, I asked her tonnes of questions and she (blessedly!) is a pack rat like me – she saves everything!

I was in my glee! I had ticket stubs, phone books, old greeting cards, the usual photos, song quotes, brand names, membership organisations, and more to work with!

I had a wonderful time mapping all the places they had traveled, and tying that map into the recipient’s spirit of adventure and curiousity. The non-abstracted parts of the painting play on two of her favourite locations – Brown’s Beach in Barbados and the Viaduc de Millau in France. See if you can also find:

  • An ode to Japanese culture and art
  • Pop music lyrics circa 1990s
  • Evidence of 2 Caribbean countries
  • An Australian sports team logo
  • A favoured brand of food processor
  • A book collection
  • A double-decker bus

What would your story look like?

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Mixed Media


760 x 600 mm (29.9" x 23.6")


Copyright 2017 Stacey Leigh Ross


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