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Anchor Inn

This commission is a welcome piece for a new J. D. Wetherspoon in Bishops Stortford, UK. Its purpose is to explain the meaning, relevance and history behind the pub’s name – The Anchor Inn.


Latest on this piece!

I got back from holidays (mid March 2014) and gave my JDW contact a quick hello to let her know I was back. To my surprise, she informed me that they changed the name of the pub a week before she was due to install all the art so my piece could no longer be used. Darn.

She was kind enough to ask if I wanted it back even though I wouldn’t be able to do anything with it since JDW had already paid for the copyright. I promise, I thought about it… but I live in a small house overrun with kids stuff. What would I do with a giant mahogany-framed Anchor Inn Welcome sign? So the poor thing is sitting in a warehouse somewhere and maybe I’m weird but I felt just a little bit guilty… like I’m a bad mum who tells her homeless child they can’t come home *shame face*

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