The Feathers Series


When was the last time you see a T&T Carnival costume without feathers?

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This year (2016) I took part in Carnival Expo – the largest indoor UK Carnival event. I had a little 2m x 3m booth to fill and this was the first time I would be showing any of my work anywhere in London. Needless to say I was painting like there was no tomorrow! Basically, I knuckled down and did 24 paintings in 2 months! And they were alll about the joy and life that is T&T Carnival!

Nowadays, the one thing almost every T&T carnival costume has is feathers. It’s almost become the go-to material for modern day costume makers. The craft and carnival supply stores have been quick to notice the trend and stock as many different types of feathers as they feasibly can – short or long, thin or fat, spotted or striped, fluorescent or natural, patterned or plain – you name it, you can get it!

So in honour of all the feathers floating around Trinidad & Tobago mas’ camps, here is a lil series about feathers – those flighty, delicate, beautiful, proud elements of flight that were once the sole preserve of birds across the planet,  but now can be seen on almost every Carnival costume in T&T and possibly the planet!

This series was part of the collection I created especially for Carnival Expo 2016, which was held at The Oval in London.

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Original – The Full Series (all 4 paintings), Original – The Feathers, TEAL, Original – The Feathers, PURPLE, Original – The Feathers, ORANGE, Original – The Feathers, YELLOW