By Leigh Graphics

If it's not a canvas, it's a computer... and sometimes the two meet.


Cover art for the programme of Royston Arts Festival 2017

Crowning Glory

It's the natural crown that we women wear...

Here Come the Girls

The curve of a woman's hips and thighs, the dip of her waist...

You's a Winner!

Looking for a personal cheer-leading song? I heartily recommend this one!

Allez! Allez!

Step forward! Move forward! Everybody!

Animal Life

Inspired by Mark Hearld

Plant Life

Inspired by Mark Hearld

Sunshine & Earth

The sun kissed the earth and the colours of the world blossomed


The Power of Choice!

Roadside Shed

All alone at the side of a country road, miles from anything else...

Ye Olde Royston Town

About a little historic town that sprouted at key crossroads centuries ago


Somewhere between numbness and fear is a wasteland called Despair

Tony's 40th

My husband's friend's 40th Birthday was coming up. Hmmm, what gift to get him?

Kinky London

I must confess, I do love that seedy, throbbing, uninhibited part of London where nothing is taboo and everything is.. perhaps?

Iconic London

It just wouldn't be London without...

Royston Cave - Christian Soldier

The Royston Cave on canvas

Anchor Inn

This commission is a welcome piece for a new J. D. Wetherspoon in Bishops Stortford, UK. Its purpose is to explain the meaning, relevance and history behind the pub’s name – The Anchor Inn.

Sleep Tight

Inspired by Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Free Flight

Playing with lines after staring at brain coral too long


Sometimes I let my canvas cry for me...

Stylized Caribbean

Exploring an angular mosaic effect


Inspired by the jovial welcomes and endless smiles at Pizza Papagone - my favourite north London pizzeria

Ahhh! Frustration

A very very long moment of abject and utter frustration


A picture says a thousand words, a painting say even more.


Packaging & Shipping

How safe is my art? When will it arrive? International shipping?... Read more