There's something about the beauty of our Earth that blows my mind so that I'm forever trying to capture it. Landscapes, skyscapes, cityscapes...  my approach to these tends to be mostly realistic but I can never quite do pure realism, there's always a little extra. Recently my love for mixed media, curiousity with acyrlic inks, and fascination with pigment pens has been infiltrating my technique. Who knows what will influence me next...

West Mersea Beach (Sketch)

Sitting in the sun on the beach where the river meets the sea...

While We Were Hiking

Along a wooded path, just 2 minutes from Glen Cottage, there was this view... Wow!

Royston High Street, East

On a high street that is centuries old and rife with history, there is so much to record.

Las Cuevas at Sunset

Las Cuevas is a sandy bay on the north coast of Trinidad. The sunsets there are phenomenal so of course, I had to try my hand at it!

The Bussage Hill Sign

On a picturesque hillside in beautiful Gloucestershire, there was a sign...

Hillside in The Bussage

I looked up and saw a collection of buildings almost on the ridge of the hill and I thought, now that would make an interesting painting...hmmm

The Foreshore

On the north-west coast of Trinidad, where the island almost curves back on to itself, there is a highway that follows the shoreline and the view is... well... spectacular.

The Palace

When the King came a-hunting!

The Old Crown

A part of Royston’s fascinating history


Staring at beautiful nothingness that soothes the soul...

Pentonville Red

The gritty city feel we love so much - Take 2!

That Tickell Feeling

A beautiful English garden, some fun water soluble pens and I was in sketching heaven!

St Giles London

Slashes of colour to brighten up London town

Princes Mews Views

One day when I looked out the window...

No24 Charlton Place

Now that’s a house you’’ll never miss!

La Cabana

The colours of Brasilian Barbecue...

Pentonville Rd

The gritty city feel we love so much

Late Summer Fields

The farmers are collecting hay, the fields are brown, and Hertfordshire is slowly leaving summer behind.

A Place to Dream Big

So my brother likes to sit in front of the ocean to think, to plan, to dream... big!

The Tickell Arms Fountain

The result of a sketching day in a beautiful English countryside pub garden

Islington N1

The Oxo Tower, London

That rusty red tower against a blue sky - I love South Bank!

South Bank, London

I just love South Bank!

City London

I worked in the City for less than a year. What an exciting, maddening, scream-inducing, exhilarating, brain-titillating experience!

Toco River by the Sea

Where the river meets the sea among a lot of coconut trees...

Blue Sky over A505

Every time I drive home from the studio, those big bodacious Hertfordshire skies just blow my mind!

Red Sky over A505

Every time I drive home from the studio, those big bodacious Hertfordshire skies just blow my mind!

The Heath

If you’ve ever sat on that bench just in front the trees at the top of the Heath, you’ll know...

Western Cape, South Africa

Lord knows I'm pretty pants at watercolours but when I discovered fluid acrylics and realised I could have the best of both worlds? Heaven!

St James Park, London

The lush greenery of St James’ Park with Big Ben peeping out over the trees!

Sunset on Melbourn St

Another J. D. Wetherspoon commission for their Royston pub showing a view of Melbourn Street facing west

Charlotteville, Tobago

June was an amazing month for me. The Old School Studio was having 2 acrylic and mixed media workshops that had my name written all over it

David & Emily's Cornwall

A mixed media painting commissioned as a wedding present for David & Emily, based on one of their favourite holiday locations in Cornwall.

Day time. Night time. All time.

Mixed media on deep edge canvas.

Stylized Caribbean

Exploring an angular mosaic effect

Then the Heavens Opened Up

Studying light and the sea

Now Comes the Night

One of my first London inspired paintings. Views out of a fourth storey window will do this to you.

Sun Blossom

One day I was just feeling happy and that always results in some kind of sunshine!


Good morning God, I’m not feeling the prayers this morning, how about we talk through paint instead?


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